Listen to numinous pronounced


adjective. 1 awe-inspiring. 2 reverence. 3 evoking a sense of the transcendent, the mystical or the sublime.

Jake was warmed by a numinous feeling whenever he spent time with Father Murphy. It wasn’t until he was older that Jake truly understood why. Father Murphy preferred a warming personal lubricant when butt fucking his young disciples.

Listen to abject pronounced


adjective. 1 a sunk to a low condition. b down in spirit or hope. c degraded. d servile. e groveling. f despicable. 2 a cast down. b low-lying.

That Michele Bachmann was a cunning congresswoman was not in doubt. However, it was clear to all but her most rabid supporters that a President Bachmann would quickly lead the United States to abject ruin.

Listen to cogitate pronounced


verb. 1 a to think. b to meditate. c to think over. d to plan. 2 to engage in continuous thought.

For Thomas, the best part of this blow job was the chance to lay back and cogitate about an imaginary life he could build with the filthy broad energetically feeding on his cock.

Listen to putative pronounced


adjective. 1 commonly thought or deemed. 2 supposed. 3 reputed.

Karen carefully examined Ben’s listless cock. “Gay!” she screamed. “I fucking knew it!” The truth was that she no longer aroused him. He hinted as much the last time his erection weakened. But for Karen the genesis was more putative: Ben was queer.

Listen to cadge pronounced


verb. 1 a to intrude or live on another meanly, b to beg. 2 to hawk or peddle.

Mike tried to cadge his way into Juliet’s pants. She told him to fuck off. She was just not interested.

Listen to inflexible pronounced


adjective. 1 a incapable of change. b unalterable. c immutable. 2 a firm in will or purpose. b not to be turned, changed, or altered. c resolute. d determined. e unyielding. f inexorable. g stubborn. 3 a not capable of being bent. b stiff. c rigid. d firm. e unyielding.

Chava was selfish and inflexible when it came to the time she spent with her friends. She frequently broke the plans she made with her husband just hours before. And when they were together, they were never really together. Facebook often chaperoned. Her husband was so fed up with her self-indulgent behavior that he left. Chava didn’t realize he was gone until the next morning: a irony that was lost on her as she asked the Internet if anyone knew where he was.