October 14


Listen to swain pronounced


noun. A country gallant.

Sarah Palin knows how to rile up the swains when she goes on tour. The question is, how many of them does she let inseminate her daughter?

October 10


Listen to carom pronounced

/ˈkær əm/

verb. 1 To strike and rebound. 2 to glance.

Nick was a junky. He had kind face and a soft voice, and this made it easy for him to squeeze prescription pain killers from many doctors in his town. Driving home one night, after visiting two hospitals and one walk-in clinic, Nick’s car caromed off a tree and into a neighbor’s living room. Knowing that nothing he could do or say would shake the hardship of his inevitable incarceration, Nick embraced his situation and curled up on the couch until the police came.

Listen to idee fixe pronounced


noun. An idea that dominates the mind; a fixed idea; an obsession.

My neighbor dwelt on the idee fixe that the government wanted to castrate him so he killed his family and torched his house.