Listen to ennui pronounced


noun. 1 a feeling of weariness and disgust. 2 dullness and languor of spirits, arising from satiety or want of interest. 3 tedium.

After several years of marriage, Stephen found himself heavy with the kind of ennui that comes from having too much time on his hands and no ready breasts to fondle. To free himself from this tedium, Stephen began to pore over the back pages of men’s magazines to find hookers to fuck on his lunch break.

Listen to insouciant pronounced


adjective. 1 careless. 2 heedless. 3 indifferent. 4 unconcerned.

Sandy wandered into and out of many bedrooms with complete insouciance to the fact that she was a walking sexually transmitted disease.

Listen to somniferous pronounced


adjective. 1 causing or inducing sleep. 2 soporific. 3 dormitive.

Kristen was a mid-level office manager that often confused affable workplace banter with intimate and everlasting friendship. Anyone that made fleeting eye contact risked a homily about the many men that fucked her, then tossed her away. Her colleagues wanted to feel sympathy for her, but the somniferous enumeration of the details contributing to the wreck that was her life made them want to choke her out.

Listen to oblige pronounced


verb. 1 a to bind by some favor rendered. b to place under a debt. c to do a favor to. 2 a to please. b to gratify. c to accommodate. 3 a to constrain by physical, moral, or legal force. b to put under obligation to do or forbear something.

An aging Angelina endeavored to salvage her youth and reclaim her vibrancy by feasting on the raw, inexperienced men that frequented her favorite piano bar. And these men, her toys, enthusiastically obliged the fading beauty. They validated her vanity by complimenting, and then savoring the tightness of her pussy and the milkiness of her breasts.

Listen to punctilious pronounced


adjective. 1 very nice or exact in the forms of behavior, etiquette, or mutual intercourse. 2 precise. 3 a attentive. b exact in the smallest particulars.

Mitch had always been punctilious about all things. But his friends thought he was a bit too persnickety when he organized his pornography collection by labeling each cover with the sex acts contained within.

Listen to leviathan pronounced


noun. 1 anything of immense size and power. 2 a serpent. b aquatic animal described in the Book of Job, and mentioned in other religious texts.

Mandingo’s cock was a towering, uncircumcised leviathan that both tantalized and terrified every woman that had the pleasure to become acquainted with it.

Listen to froward pronounced


adjective. 1 not willing to yield or comply with what is required or is reasonable. 2 perverse. 3 disobedient. 4 peevish.

The professor came to regret his dalliance with the nubile coed now sitting in the back of his class. She took great pleasure in his torment, teasing and denying him the satisfaction of her conquest. The froward miss learned to keep men wanting more, and more is what the professor sought to gain by overlooking her academic deficiencies. Though the quid pro quo was well established by centuries of precedent, he should have known better. The undergraduate was a terrible student of history.