August 27


Listen to distrain pronounced


verb. 1 a to press heavily upon. b to bear down upon with violence. c to constrain or compel. d to bind. e to distress, torment, or afflict. 2 a to subject to distress. b to coerce. 3 a to seize, as a pledge or indemnification. b to take possession of as security for nonpayment of rent, the reparation of an injury done, etc. c to take by distress.

Gary’s ex-wife went a little crazy with their credit card just before the divorce. He weakly protested, but she had video of him taking liberties with several underage neighborhood kids. She had him by the balls. When his misdeeds came to light, she reminded him at every opportunity, the courts would distrain his income and his freedom anyway. What could he do?

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