January 24


Listen to fain pronounced


adverb. Gladly; willingly. adjective. Content; willing.

I would fain have gone with him to the LOLcats themed orgy, but it required that I not shave any part of my body for three months prior to the event.

Listen to solicitous pronounced


adjective. Extremely careful; meticulous.

So many god damned people are being killed with guns these days, I don’t go to the fucking opera without being solicitous and distrusting of other humans who might want to blow my brains out.

January 19


Listen to malefic pronounced


adjective. Productive of evil; malign; doing harm; baneful.

We should all pray that Steve Jobs rids himself of the malefic disease he carries. And if not, fuck it, the 2nd gen iPad is probably finished already.

January 18


Listen to endemic pronounced


adjective. Native to a particular area or culture; originating where it occurs.

Wife beater tees, heavy clouds of Axe Body Spray, caked on makeup, and gigantic fake, perfectly tanned tits are endemic to the New Jersey Shore.

Listen to tortuous pronounced


adjective. Marked by repeated turns and bends.

During Sarah Palin’s tortuous speech about how great America is and all that bullshit, I kept trying to imagine if she was completely shaved or not.