September 28


Listen to elucidate pronounced


trans. verb. To make clear or manifest; to render more intelligible.

On a lighter note, today the owner of Segway drove over a fucking cliff while on a Segway, as he was elucidating the benefits of owning a Segway.

September 25


Listen to abjure pronounced


verb (used with object). To renounce or give up under oath.

For the record, I abjure the idea of Obamacare, but it’s sure as shit better than being left to die on the fucking street!

September 24


Listen to feculent pronounced


adjective. Full of dregs or fecal matter; foul, turbid, or muddy.

The Shit My Dad Says premiere was the most feculent moment in television since those piss-drunk queers at ABC greenlit a show about Geico Cavemen.

September 22


Listen to degage pronounced


adjective. Without emotional involvement; detached.

I’m always impressed by The Situation’s degage attitude towards sleeping with broads and then promptly asking them to leave.