Listen to waxing pronounced


verb. To increase in extent, quantity, intensity or power.

I can’t stand when my roommate does a little bit of blow and starts waxing poetic about his God awful childhood.

Listen to festoon pronounced


verb. To adorn with hanging chains or strands of any material.

I thought it odd that she would choose to festoon only one nipple with a ring and small chain, but who am I to complain?

Listen to suspire pronounced


verb. To utter with long, sighing breaths.

The comedian suspired his monologue, and the audience was sure it was because he had just received a blow job from the haggard looking cocktail waitress.

Listen to habitué pronounced


noun. One who frequents a particular place.

My wife called me a whorehouse habitué. I told her she was over-thinking the idea of me being the FourSquare Mayor of the massage parlor down the block.