November 28


Listen to castigate pronounced

/ˈkæs tɪˌgeɪt/

verb. 1 a to chastise verbally. b to reprove. c to criticize severely. 2 a to punish by stripes. b to chastise by blows. c to chasten.

Hannah often lauded her husband’s deft oral skill when reveling in their postcoital embrace. But later, when she was with her friends, she’d castigate him for a lack of competence both inside and outside of the bedroom.

November 27


Listen to degust pronounced


verb. to taste or savor carefully, often appreciatively.

Although her pussy had been degusted by many men during their short marriage, Mykolas could not quit his false-hearted wife. She’d lie every time she was caught. “I’m sorry,” she’d sob. “It was a mistake. I’m lost. I’ll never do it again.” And Mykolas would believe. And hope. He always had that bastard hope — the cruelest of all human emotions.

November 26


Listen to officious pronounced


adjective. Marked by excessive eagerness in offering services; meddlesome.

The officious woman who works the 5 pm shift at the massage parlor pushes a little too hard for the 50 dollar “full release.”

November 24


Listen to supplant pronounced


verb (used with object). To take the place of (another), as through force, scheming, strategy, or the like.

Looks like the lovable cunts over at Wikileaks have supplanted world diplomacy with their precious “cables.”

November 23


Listen to fractious pronounced


adjective. Irritable; snappish; cranky.

The holidays are almost here and that means the nice people at the TSA get to deal with all of us fractious, over-protective-of-our-genitals folk.

November 22


Listen to bibelot pronounced


noun. A small decorative object without practical utility; a trinket.

At first I thought the nipple ring on her left breast was just a bibelot, but it seemed to aid her in reaching orgasm.