Listen to entreat pronounced


intrans., trans. verb. To ask earnestly; to beseech; to petition for.

He had asked his wife many times, but only recently did he realize that porn stars were the only ones who entreated men to come all over their faces.

Listen to proselytize pronounced


intrans., trans. verb. To induce someone to join one’s institution, cause, or political party.

I can’t wait to have children so I can proselytize them into believing the same bullshit religion my parents forced on me.

Listen to puerile pronounced


adjective. 1 boyish. 2 childish. 3 trifling. 4 silly.

Cindy and Kelly were working through a prolonged and acrimonious breakup. The trouble was that they both were vindictive and puerile. But their love was a true love, so they kept trying to make it work.

Listen to irascible pronounced


adjective. 1 prone to anger. 2 easily provoked or inflamed to anger. 3 choleric. 4 irritable. 5 hot-tempered.

George was an irascible man. It got worse when he drank. Family knew to steer clear when he started ranting about the greedy Jews that foreclosed on his house. He’d move on to anger about the roving Mexican gangs that were invading America from the south. His face would flush with a rutilant glow. “President Barack Obama and the United Nations were conspiring to form a One World Government. FEMAR,” he’d spit with venom, “would go door to door confiscatin’ all the guns and putting us in concentration camps.” Eventually, after hours of monologue, the alcohol would deplete George’s energy. He’d sit in his ratty chair, and fall asleep.

Listen to shiftless pronounced


adjective. 1 a characterized by failure, especially by failure to provide for one’s own support, through negligence or incapacity. b lazy. c improvident. d thriftless. 2 destitute of expedients, or not using successful expedients.

Ken was nearly 36 years old, had no job, lived in his parents basement, had three arrests for driving under the influence, and spent most of his days browsing Craig’s List for get rich quick schemes that would allow him to keep living a shiftless lifestyle long after his parents died.