November 23


Listen to fractious pronounced


adjective. Irritable; snappish; cranky.

The holidays are almost here and that means the nice people at the TSA get to deal with all of us fractious, over-protective-of-our-genitals folk.

November 22


Listen to bibelot pronounced


noun. A small decorative object without practical utility; a trinket.

At first I thought the nipple ring on her left breast was just a bibelot, but it seemed to aid her in reaching orgasm.

November 21


Listen to clinquant pronounced


adjective, noun. Glittering with gold or silver; tinseled.

The only thing I remember from my childhood is this clinquant statue of a fucking mule that my Mother won in a game of bingo.

November 17


Listen to extirpate pronounced

/ˈɛk stərˌpeɪt/

verb. 1 to cut out by surgery. 2 a to pluck up by the stem or root. b to root out. c to eradicate, literally or figuratively. d to destroy wholly.

Sandra told her one-night stand that he should extirpate the giant mole on his ass. But he’d grown quite fond of the hairy blot. It was, after all, a pretext to dropping his pants — an exercise he’d also grown quite fond of.